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Hi! I'm Akira, my friends call me "Aki" for short, I'm 19, my personality type is INFJ-T, and I'm an aspiring artist, and hopefully soon, animator, musician, and story writer, welcome to my profile!

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Reach out for the Truth

Posted by AkiraTheDryad - 11 days ago

I think it's time for me to reveal something i've kept hidden for a long time, i'm a bit late, but i've managed to catch the last day of this month, and i caught this last day of this month in specific for this reason, it's time i throw away my fear, and face being open about this, i'm tired of being closed off to people in fear of them getting close, i'm tired of worrying about what people i'm in a relationship with will think when they find out cause i didn't have to the courage to talk about it, so i have to take things slow to muster the courage to open out, i'm tired of trying to open up about it but feeling the air suck from my lungs anytime i've tried in the past, because i was afraid, i was too afraid, it was paralyzing, and i let it control me, because in a way i thought it kept me safe, but at the same time it's restricting, like having chains on your wrists locked away in a cell, and if you try hard enough, you could take them off, but you don't, because you fear the outside is much more dangerous, so maybe staying in here in these chains isn't so bad? but... that's no way to live, that's not how i want to live, and i refuse to let it stay that way. As an unexpected source of inspiration from an anime i didn't expect to impart some words of wisdom, but, a quote from Goblin slayer: "When i was young... i thought if i took a step, the ground would open up beneath me, and i would die. There was a time when i hesitated to even walk because of that. It's not impossible, but no one worries about that. That was really strange of me. She and my sister laughed at me for it, but it took time for me to realize I still have to walk, no matter how scared i am.", with that... I am trans, I am Akira Tanikel, that is who I am, and that's who i'll remain.iu_137921_7191487.jpg